Visitor Guide

We would like you to fully enjoy our local hospitality and have a memorable experience in the village of Nieu-Bethesda!



From the N9 two roads lead to Nieu-Bethesda. We suggest the tarred road, unless one’s vehicle is equipped to drive the 31 km scenic, gravel road:


The tarred road is 27km north of Graaff-Reinet, thus the road closest to Graaff-Reinet. The road forks at Sam’s Drift. If one keeps right, through Sam’s Drift and past the “Tot-Hier-Toe” farm stall, this road becomes Martins Street. The Owl House is located in Martins Street.


The 31 km gravel road leads off the N9, 60km south off Middelburg, thus the road furthest from Graaff-Reinet and closest to Middelburg. It leads through Bethesda Road railway siding.

Once descending into the village, keep straight until the T-junction and then turn right into Hudson Street. Follow Hudson street until the four way stop with Martins Street. The Owl House is located in Martins Street


Info on Road Closures due to snowfall in the Eastern Cape – 080 064 4644

Botha’s Garage in Graaff-Reinet offers breakdown services 049 892-2215 or 083 655 6333.

Tyremart in Graaff-Reinet offers offers tyres, batteries & brake services 049 891 0743 or 082 380 1569.


A detailed map of Nieu-Bethesda

Make use of our Village Map to navigate your way around. Free printed copies are available at various establishments. 


  • Our village has no ATM and no petrol station. It is best to arrive with some cash and a filled tank. Most restaurants accept cards.
  • Die Winkel is open daily and is well stocked with fruit & veg, groceries, snacks, toiletries, cold drinks, ice cream, firewood, ice, etc.
  • The nearest medical assistance is in Graaff-Reinet, 55km away. Refer to Town Map (and below) for emergency contact numbers.
  • We advise making restaurant reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Lock up and do not leave valuables in your car or in front of windows.
  • Please do not feed the monkeys who occasionally roam about.
  • Please do not teach our children to beg. Rather support them and families in need with food vouchers available at Die Winkel or contact our Ratepayers Association to find out how you can make a contribution – Althea Jesersky 072 496 0252.

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      Please be mindful of the following challenges caused by national Load Shedding:

      • Varying Municipal Water Pressure & Possible Water Restrictions
      • Possible Water Supply Interruptions 
      • Possible Temporary Cell Phone Tower Outages & Poor Cell Phone Reception at Times


      Nieu-Bethesda Police
      049 841 1608 / 082 413 5523

      Nieu-Bethesda Neighbourhood Watch
      060 391 2051

      Nieu-Bethesda Clinic
      049 841 1650

      Midlands Hospital Graaff-Reinet
      049 892 2211

      Merino Pharmacy Graaff-Reinet
      049 892 3366

      Dr. Marais GP – Graaff-Reinet
      049 892 2171

      Dr Laubscher Dentist – Graaff-Reinet
      049 892 2416

      Dr Larson Veterinarian – Graaff-Reinet
      049 892 4783

      Camdeboo Veterinary Clinic – Graaff-Reinet
      049 891 0900

      Botha’s Garage Towing – Graaff-Reinet
      049 892 2215 / 083 655 6333

      Tyremart Tyres, Batteries & Brakes – Graaff-Reinet
      049 891 0743 / 082 380 1569

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