The Owl House

Weird to some, wonderful to others, the Owl House is a work of outsider art created by Helen Martins between 1945 and 1976. Driven to despair by the dullness of her daily life, she took steps to transform her world with light, colours and texture.

Tel: 049 841 1733


Gregg Price Gallery & Labyrinth

Gregg Price Gallery is an intimate space showcasing the artists’ work. Includes drawings, etching and sculpture in steel and wood. The Labyrinth is a space for visitors to enter and enjoy at any time.  It is a replica of the medieval labyrinth found at Chartres Cathedral in France.

Tel: 083 2583 104

Martin & Charmaine Haines Contemporary Ceramics Gallery

A diverse and evolving selection of contemporary ceramics. The studio/gallery combines the work of both artists, offering conceptual, innovative, one-off sculptural works of art and functional ware.

Tel: 078 777 1966

Infinity Gallery

Contemporary art gallery featuring work by Dirkje Daling and Willem du Plessis available for purchase. Contact us to collaborate.

Tel: 082 614 5833

Stone Folk of Ongeluksloot

The Stone Folk, by artist Ryno Greeff, is a permanent outdoor installation of stone figures carefully placed in the landscape of Ongeluksloot, on the farm Doornberg, outside the small Karoo village of Nieu Bethesda in the Eastern Cape.

Tel: 082 447 5117



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